Testosterone Replacement Therapy

If you are a male over the age of 30, you may have low testosterone. If you think you could benefit from Testosterone Replacement Therapy, book an appointment today for a consultation.

What is Low-T?

Low testosterone is a condition affecting millions of men and women over the age of 30. While testosterone is often thought of as the male sex hormone, it has a multitude of other important functions. From weight control to energy production, brain health to heart health, testosterone is truly the human body’s master hormone.

Erectile Dysfunction

Many of our patients have tried various ways to treat the problem. Some men have used pills or drinks, while others have even gone so far as injecting themselves with prescription medications. Most men are looking for a quick fix. Meanwhile, they ignore the core causes of the problem that harms their bodies. Through various testing, we have found a common denominator. The guys with erectile dysfunction have all suffered from significantly low male hormone levels. At the same time, they possess a high count of the female hormone, estrogen. Through our testosterone replacement therapy, we increase the patient’s testosterone levels and decrease his level of estrogen with real hormone treatment. The results of the hormone therapy have been outstanding.

Other Benefits of Hormone Therapy

  • All hormone supplements are FDA approved
  • Labs are done at a convenient location nearest to the patient
  • Within 30-90 days, we will do follow up labs to tweak their program and check their levels
  • All medicines are shipped free of charge directly to the patient from the pharmacy with a 2 month supply every 2 months
  • Annual labs and doctor consultation is included so we can see where the patient lies and make sure they are in an optimal range

Our Program Works as Follows

Initial Consultation

Complete comprehensive panel of labs
Complete review of medical history
Complete physical examination
Physician’s consultation

Custom Program For You

A complete therapeutic hormone therapy program will be designed by our doctors to meet the needs of each patient to maximize hormone levels.

Delivered To You

Once the doctor has designed an individualized hormone program for the patient, the medication will be shipped from the pharmacy to the patient’s home or office.

Our Monthly Plan Includes

All physical examinations
All lab testing*
All patient consultations
All medications
Testosterone kit which includes the syringes and testosterone

*Some patients may require a more comprehensive blood panel and additional charges may apply for this if required.

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